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Why Iris Recognition Is The Highest Accuracy Biometric Technology? 2016-05-27

The iris is formed by complex fibrous tissue, it contains many similar spots intertwined filaments , coronal, which is fixed in a random combination before birth, and wont be changed during full life. Iris Recognition have the highest accuracy in all biometrics identification.

1. The biological activity

The iris is the visible part of the human eye, under protection of sclera , with strong biological activity. For example, the size of the pupil will changed with light intensity and environment changes; When human brain have been dead, deep coma or the eye are out of body, the iris organization will be fully contracted, appears mydriasis . The biological activity exist together with human life,symbiosis together, so it is impossible to cheat via using photographs, videos, corpses iris.

2. The non-contact
Grasping iris image distance from users, without user touching the devicedid not infringe on the personal privacy, which be accepted widely by the public.
3. Uniqueness
Iris fibrous tissue is very complex ,even if cloning technology can not replicate an iris.
Twins' iris texture information are different, same person's left and right eye iris is also different.
4. Stability
The iris is extremely stable in one's life, it has been formed before birth (fetus at 7 months) and stereotypes in 6-18 months after birth , then keep same status for whole life.And it wont be injured by general disease , and wont be wear and tear by occupational factors.
5. Security

It is impossible to change a person's iris characteristics to another particular object.

Therefore, if the Iris System is widely used in access control systems, will greatly enhance the safety and reliability of the door access control system operation, reducing possibility of illegal and criminal activities. Iris Recognition Access Control System will be more and more popular all over the world.

Iris Recognition Access Control System

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