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Iris Recognition System's Basic Constituent Elements 2016-05-27

The iris is the annular tissue between pupil and sclera , it is the visible part of the human eye. As one of biometric identification, iris recognition have same functions as other biometrics , which having a user identity identification authenticity features.

Dual Eyes Iris Scanner

In the information system, password authentication is basic identification method which be used frequently.  With the development of information security attack and defense technology, password authentication cannot satisfy our security requirements, because of its low security intensity, and problems from using and remembering. Then fingerprint, Iris Recognition Access Control System and other biometric technologies are more and more favored.

Iris System includes the following modules: the iris image acquisition, iris image processing, user registration, user identification processing, data storage traffic management. These modules are used to achieve two basic functions: user registration and user identification.

For user enrollment, the image acquisition module scan employee iris image, processing features data, and save these information together with user information into the database; For user identification, user identification information is generated,and be compared with information in database , show a comparison result.
Iris recognition system consists of software and hardware.
Software is for iris information processing, user registration, user identification, iris image storage and management, iris characteristics storage and management;
Hardware including Dual Eyes Iris Scanner, Iris Access Control, Iris time attendance etc.,which for iris scanning and data saving.

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