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The Human Resources Management (HRM) function includes a variety of activities, and key among them is deciding the staffing needs of the company. Decisions whether to use independent contractors or hire employees to fill these needs, recruiting and training the best employees, ensuring high performance and effective personnel and management practices are subject to various regulations. Activities also include managing your approach to employee benefits and compensations, employee records and personnel policies. Usually small businesses (for-profit or nonprofit) have to carry out these activities themselves, because they cannot afford part- or full-time help. However, they should always ensure that employees have -- and are aware of -- personnel policies which are in line with current regulations.

Human Resource Module:
The Human Resource module contains form of the complete Human Resource activity. This module shall capture the following details:
Employee master Leave and Attendance Modules
Payroll Modules
PF Modules
Income Tax Modules
Training Modules
Indian Human Resources management

Recruitment Process:
The module shall contain facility to capture the recruitment related details. These include:
Monitoring of requirement activity
Capture the Details of scale related to employee
Details of employee recruitment information
Details of nature of job etc
Details of Employee transfer from department to
    department etc
Capture the Details of department
Capture the details of employee posting

Promotion Management:
The promotion management module shall contain facility to capture the promotion related requirement related to employee. These include:
Details of employee Increment Process
Details of employee Decrement Process
Details of employee Promotion Process
Capture the Promotion Date
Details of employee Retirement Process
Attendance & Leave Management:
The Leave management module shall contain facility to capture the Leave details related to employee. These include:
Define the various types of leaves
Facility to create leave and send for approval
Capture the details of leave and approve leave
Tracking of employee Leaves Information (i.e. whether the employees are applicable for encashment
if they do not take their leaves before the end of year)
Employee Management (Tracking of Employee Information)
The Leave management module shall contain facility to capture employee related activity. These include:
Capture the employee personal  details like
Employee Name
Father’s /Husband Name
Location / sub location etc.
Capture the Employee Qualification details
Generation of Employee Id Card
Details of Leave Details
Tracking of Attendance
Tracking of Employee Work Details
Payment and Wages Details
Deduction Details etc
Final Details etc
 Training Module:
Organizations Providing Training
Yearly list of Training offered and attended
Wing / Div/ Section wise beneficiary staffs list
List of trainings / Staffs attended
Cost involved/ analysis over trainings
Report of Training
Administration Module:
The Admin module contains form of the complete accountability and security and user access control of the system. This module shall capture the following details:
Security: The proposed system in combination with Operating System and Application Software will fulfill the stringent security needs for the application software package. The various security mechanisms that shall be made available in the proposed system are given below:
User Management:
The system would use Login/ Password technique for imposing security at the user level. This would guarantee authorized access to the confidential data. Each user will have a unique username and password.
The system would internally maintain the identity of all active users as well as their respective rights like WRITE/ READ, READ ONLY.
The identity will be mapped to a role leading to a standard role based security in the application server.
 Only privileged administrator will have rights to change the user ID associated with a process while the process is active.

Password Management:
 The passwords would be stored in database in one-way encrypted form.
 System will allow users to tackle the situation of lost / forgotten password.  Any registered user can ask to retrieve a (lost/forgotten) password. For this the user would supply some essential information and the program will send a password to users via mail.
If a user enters incorrect password for more than some specified number of times the system would lock automatically for that particular username. This would negate the attempt to crack the password through Brute Force attack.

Access Control:
Access control requirements will address network access, system access, and resource access.
The enforcement mechanism (e.g., individual/group/public controls, access control lists) would allow users to specify and control sharing of objects by individuals or groups, or both, and would provide controls to limit propagation of access rights.
Access permission to an object by users not already possessing access permission would only be assigned by authorized users.
For interactive sessions, the system would lock the session after a specified period of user inactivity.

Admin/Registrar Module:  
  Contains login details. The Admin can define super user, senior user, and admin users. It can also restrict the accessibility of software for particular user.
Human resource management strategy.

Staff Management:
Personal Information, Qualification, Additional Qualification, Pay Details, and Attendance.

Employee Separation:
 Transfer, Nature of the Job, Post, Scale, Department, Designation, Joining date, and Retirement date. 

(Basic, DA, HRA, CA, Medical, Special, etc)
 HR resume management.

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