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Employee Time Clock with Biometric Fingerprint Technology Has More Advantages Than Old Employee Time Punch Clock 2016-10-27

Traditionally, employees tracked their hours, overtime and breaks manually, using punch time cards or time sheets that were then calculated by hand. By comparison,Modern Biometric Time and attendance system, can be integrated into existing payroll systems and will turn an error-prone procedure into an automated process that eliminates fraud, mistakes, and the ambiguity that leads to legal issues,and offer remote job monitoring, productivity increase, employee job satisfaction benefits to enterprises.

Prevent Time theft

If each employee wasted 20 minutes per day, it would cost you a large amount of work hours lost per year for your company. However, you would not be able to calculate this metric and its impact on your bottom line if you monitor everything using antiquated methods of managing employees such as paper timesheets. While using a Employee Time Clock With Biometric Fingerprint Technology can eliminate this problem forever.

Time and Attendance Machine

Raise Profits
The use of Employee Time Clock with Biometric Fingerprint Technology will allow you to attain the highest levels of employee productivity. At the end of the day, biometric employee identification could prove to be the difference and make your project successful. So, instead of losing money you will actually take it to the bank!

Remote Job Monitoring
You can monitor employees who are working in remote places. The use of Biometrics for Employee Time and Attendance Machine can also be facilitated by integration with internet or mobile devices.

Productivity Increases
The old employee time punch clock would not allow accurate productivity tracking. Biometrics Thumbprint Scanner Time Clock allows you to remove office time theft and decrease staffing overhead thereby raising employee productivity rates.

Job Satisfaction
When employees work extra hours but never receive extra privileges, this can damage employee morale. You can easily identify employees who deserve recognition by using thumbprint scanner time clock data for accurate attendance data and reward them accordingly.

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