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Market prospects IBG (the international biological Group), statistics, by the end of 2020, the global biometric Products market scale will reach $ 4.2 billion. At the same time, the market per year will be more than 80% of the speed of rapid growth. With the biometric authentication technology development, the expansion of the application range as well as the passage of time, this figure is expected to reach hundreds of billions of dollars. ICAO biotechnology applications planning its member states announced in June of this year is to accelerate the speed of commercial applications for biometric identification technology. In addition to the common, iris, facial, gait recognition technology, fingerprint recognition technology is also becoming the primary technique for biometric identification.

Biometrics combination of information technology and biotechnology, most of this century, one of the most potential of the technology. The industry experts conservative;y estimates that over the next five years, China will form a nearly billion market. With biometric identification technology continues to develop as well as the expansion of the application range, this figure will continue to grow.

Grow together with partners INJES’market strategy is to establish an efficient and standardized system of channels, to provide the best service to the user. The INJES and itspartners to jointly develop the market with INJES professional products and technical advantages, and combined with partner’s relationship or sales channels, grow together to achieve a win-win situation.

Types of cooperation

Industry partners based on partner-specific social resources, industry targeted to develop application solutions and support to customers. Authorized distributors or agents for the authorized region with sales target assessment, it’s responsible for INJES’ products and technology to promote INJES branding in authorized region, product marketing and after-sales service, and requires the establishment and management of regional sales network. Authorized dealers authorized by INJES or authorized agents with sales target assessment, It’s responsible for sales products and provide after-sales service in authorized region. OEM or ODM partners select different models from existing products line to do OEM. Or require us to ODM or based on existing models to make customization for you as exclusive models. And We will have MOQ or monthly sales target for specific selected models.

Channel support

INJES valuable resources

> robust and reliable products line> years of industry experience> Continuous R & D capability> famous branding

Channel Strategy

> Price unified > regional protection> win-win first> risk-sharing

Channels target

>to establish a stable, professional sales and service network in the world ;

Application Process

The application: to INJES submit application, and fill out the the, to mail or fax to INJES.

Communication and discuss: INJES’ manager will contact you asap by telephone or personally visit your company to communicate and discuss further.

The signing of the agreement: If you pass assessment, the two sides sign cooperation agreements, establish formal partnership.

Agreement at the same time submit the following documents: copy of the company's business license / legal representative name / company tax registration certificate, etc..

Training and marketing support: according to different partner’s situation, INJES will provide the corresponding marketing,technical training, pre-sales support for you.

INJES welcome the regional partners to choose suitable types of cooperation for win-win

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