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Why Fingerprint Verifying Technology Become The Mainstream of Biometrics? 2016-05-27

There are many kinds of biometrics technology until today, why fingerprint become the mainstream? The reason is that the fingerprint template data is smaller than other biometric technology data. The detachment fingerprint storage capacity is only about 120 to 180byte, such a small space requirement make it easy to be stored in most device, such as credit cards, passports, identity cards, Attendance Machine, Employee Time Clock, etc.

Fingerprint recognition has a good interactive experience, and also has many advantages, the main advantages are summarized as follows:

1. Need Little Storage Space:
of fingerprint template data is the smallest among biometrics technology, each fingerprint template only need about 120 to 180byte.

2. High Security:
Except for identical twins, it is impossible to find two individuals who have the same fingerprints.

3. Convenient:
print feature is the "portable" ,which can be achieved conveniently and accurately interactive experience, and is easy to applied with computer security, monitoring, management, systems integration, automated management.

4. High Stability:
is one of the most stable human biometric features. With development of fingerprinting technology, it bring huge potentialspace for biometrics market.
whether it is substitute for password or unlock the phone, or mobile payment,or attendance management system,or door access system, fingerprint all have unlimited imagination. this article published by INJES Technology Co.,Ltd.

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