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Application of Fingerprint Identification Technology 2016-03-28

1.Mobile Phone
iPhone6,iPhone6Plus are equipped with fingerprint recognition + NFC function, we can pay credit card or transactions through Apple. Mr Cook said that about $2 million credit card transactions in United States every day, we can see how large the credit card market is . Apple has created a new payment method, called applepay, the user only needs to use a mobile phone can easily swipe through the NFC function.


More and more user like buying a computer with a fingerprint identification sensor. Because fingerprint identification is cool and convenient. Just lightly brush, you can turn on the computer. Rise of fingerprint recognition comes from the notebook computer password lock screen is likely to be deciphered, while using fingerprint recognition technology is more secure.

Biometric Attendance System with RJ45 Network Large Color LCD Screen

3.Time and Attendance Machine
Fingerprint attendance machine used to record the working hours of employees, based on fingerprints identification technology . Staffs’ finger prints need to be enrolled in biometric time clock, each person can register several fingerprints. When employees verify finger print, biometric attendance Looking similarity to a certain standard fingerprint that registered in the fingerprint database for verification. Compare with proximity card attendance system,the maximum advantage of fingerprint attendance machine is
Eliminate buddy punching,and do not need buying cards. After years of development, fingerprint recognition technology has been relatively stable, so the application is wider and wider.

4.Access Control System
Door access control system is an important part of modern security system,which mainly including biometric access control(fingerprint, face, hand geometry / palm, iris, vein,etc.) and RFID card card access system. biometric fingerprint access control is another new masterpiece. Except for the warehouse door can be fingerprinting, the apartment and office building access control systems can also be used fingerprint recognition technology. For the hotel, the guests recorded fingerprint information, reduce investment and the use of door cards, reduce development costs. In-room safe housing deadline need not worry.

5.Fingerprint Door Locks
In our daily life, traditional locks are openned by mechanical key , but the mechanical key will often forget to bring, or lost, or even criminals copy ulterior motives, so you have to change a new lock if you lost your mechanical key . When you have a biometric door lock, you never worry about key lost. Compare with mechanical lock, induction lock, password lock,fingerprint door lock is in terms of the highest tech lock. More info you can click injes.

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