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New U.are.U5300 Fingerprint Scanner Module from CROSSMATCH company 2016-10-20

As the development of biometric products market,Original Digital Persona Fingerprint Scanner are more and more popular, including U.are.U4500, U.are.U5100, U.are.U5160, U.are.U5200 etc.. CROSSMATCH company release a new URU5300 Fingerprint Scanner with larger optical sensor in new year. The touch-style U.are.U 5300 Fingerprint Module is a Personal Identity Verification (PIV) certified, optical fingerprint module specifically designed to meet the Mobile ID Fingerprint Acquisition Profile (FAP) 30 requirements for a larger active reading window. Its compact size and convenient mounting features simplify OEM integration.
Digital Persona U.are.U5300 Fingerprint Scanner Module will widely popular in biometric and security application area.

URU5300 Fingerprint Module

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