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Web Based Employee Time Clocks Saving Much Money for Business Owner 2016-07-19

For traditional mannually attendance solution, it may not be possible to eradicate payroll and timesheet fraud, which is very upsetting. Not just because of the money that companies lose, but also because of the breaches of trust that occur.

Punch cards time clocks were once the mainstream standard for tracking employee work hours, but they are quickly being phased out when biometric time and attendance machine are released. Which require employees to punch in and out with a fingerprint rather than with a physical time card. This emerging technology has eliminated certain actions involving time card fraud, such as buddy punching and time card manipulation. Business owners may have been aware that a certain amount of work-hour time theft was occurring, but they had no good way to stop these practices until biometric fingerprint time clocks were introduced.

biometric time attendance machine

Web based employee time clock provide a definitive convenience to business owners and managers by reducing labor costs and by improving attendance supervision, but they also provide convenience for the payroll department as well. Payroll managers can now keep track of each employee’s work hours without running around to track down time cards or timesheets, and without needing to keep extensive payroll records on their office computers. All time and attendance data that was once locked and stored in file folders somewhere on premise, is now stored in the cloud for instant access and retrieval.

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