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RFID Cards, ID Card, Mifare Cards 2016-06-20
RFID card, named Radio Frequency Identification card, proximity card, which including ID card, IC card, contact card etc.. Which can be used in Finger Scan Time Recorder with Attendance Management Software.

ID card,the contactless only readable card which can only be read card number by card reader, the card number is cured(can not be modified), its sectors cannot be written data. Because of its chip manufacturer EM company, it also named as EM card, EM ID card.

IC card,the readable and writable Non-contact card, including M1,Ti Logic and so on. M1 is the most popular,which with Mifare one chip from Philips company. It also named as Mifare one card,Mifare card,M1 card .

Mifare one card have two types,the ISO1443 type A is the most popular one,which widely applicated card based time attendance system, fingerprint card door access control, Fingerprint RFID Door Entry Systems, parking system, consumption areas. Type B is usually used in Identity card ,Metro card, bus card areas.

ID cards and Mifare cards have ocuppied 90% of the RFID card market.For different dimension and shape, ID/ IC cards can be devided into three types:

1. Thick ID /IC card, with dimension 86*54*1.8mm :

China Thick ID /IC card

2. Thin ID /IC cards, with dimension 86*54*0.8mm :

Smart Card Reader 86*54*0.8mm

3. Tags, Various shaped cards:

IC tags

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