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How does biometric devices or fingerprint scanner work? 2016-05-27

Regardless of any Biometric Attendance System (biometric devices) or finger print equipment, the fingerprints collection are from two kinds of ways: Push and Sliding.

1. Sliding

Sliding your finger from the sensor, the system can get the entire fingerprint. When pressing finger prints, it unable to capture complete fingerprint image at one-time. During finger sliding from sensor, the sensor capture snapshots image for each section of finger,then splice these snapshots to from a complete image for fingerprint .

Sliding mode features advantages of low cost, ease of integration, can capture a large area image , the application of traditional feature points algorithm, but the disadvantage is that need customers to have a consistent standard action image acquisition, experience relatively poor, so the application promotion is not very successful, which with a narrow market .

2. Push / Press

Finger is floated on the device in order to obtain a fingerprint image. Usually in order to obtain the entire fingerprint, you must use a Fingerprint Scanner which larger than finger, and the whole finger should be pressed on the sensor.

Push mode features advantages of the good customer experience , with only one press can capture images , matching clients’ operating habits of mobile applications, no need teach customers how to use it. The disadvantages are: high cost, integration is difficult, can not get large finger prints image at one time, high security fingerprint algorithm is complex for some users.

Obviously, push fingerprint sensor is the easiest and most convenient one. More and more mobile devices, Employee Time Clock, will use push-type fingerprint identification program. Get the idea finger print equipment product at injes.

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