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Fingerprint Time Tracking System for Small Business 2016-07-19

Regardless of whether a small business or a large company, entities across the world are robustly trying to utilize time and convert it into money. To fiercely fight competition and be the leader of your niche, companies are taking steps at the ground level too in order to make sure that the time is not wasted. In the process of managing time to ensure task completion and keeping a track of employees’ arrive and depart time, companies try to get the most of its workforce.

INJES biometric time and attendance system is one of the most popular system we offer. The unique process of biometric recognition technology helps eliminate the chance of buddy punching and time theft. If your employees mark attendance with a time card or physically write their hours down for approval, there is always a chance of error or fraud. Employees can falsify their work hours or even punch a coworker’s time card without getting caught. This ultimately means higher labor costs for your organization.

INJES biometric time and attendance system

Bio metrics refers to metrics related to human characteristics. In computer language it is known as bio metric authentication. Biometric identifiers are often categorized as physiological and behavioral characteristics. Physiological characteristics are related to the shape of the body. Including fingerprint, palm veins,finger vein, face recognition, palm print, hand geometry, iris recognition etc..

The biometric employee time & attendance provides a secure and accurate means of identification and it verifies the authenticity of your employees’ work hours. In addition to knowing your employees are being properly identified, INJES time tracking software automatically marks and stores their work hour data in real-time, which helps to ensure you are paying employees for the exact amount of time worked.

With INJES fingerprint time tracking system, facial recognition attendance punching machine, employees can no longer punch in for anyone else or lie about their time.

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