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Development Trends of Facial Recognition 2016-05-27

1. Combined with video surveillance,CCTV
With the further development of fac
ial recognition technology, the face recognition system technology will be enable integrated with the CCTV digital monitoring system, which become another major application field of face identification .
According to statistics, only in China, is expected to form over 10 billions market in following three years, and more than hundreds of bill
ions market in following 10 years in future.

face recognition system

2. Gradually replace the fingerprint attendance
Face Recognition Attendance System, through verifying some of the unique face features for employee time tracking. With the help of infrared technology, facial time attendance access control has exceeded diurnal light, can achieve rapid identification in the natural state. Currently, the face recognition attendance products on the market is still in an initial development of the state, but the advantage of face recognition time attendance technology is more and more obvious than other similar products.

Face Recognition Attendance completely Eliminate buddy punching, eliminating the embarrassment of fingerprint attendance use in contact.
On basis of Non-contact, intuitive, friendly and very broad applicability, with the technology continues to mature and to reduce costs, gradually revealing trends that the fingerprint
time attendance will be substituted by face attendance.

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