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Affordable Biometric Fingerprint Based Time Attendance Machine From Chinese Manufacturer INJES Technology 2016-08-25

For higher working efficiency, many business owner have made some big investments in modern equipment to do the job. Be that as it may, it is also necessary to invest a little more in Fingerprint Employee Management System, so you can save much money on employee payroll and improve the accuracy of employee attendance tracking information .

Fingerprint Employee Management System

As the professional Fingerprint Time Attendance Manufacturers, INJES have 10 years experience in offering fingerprint time attendance machine with multiple advantages to clients all over the world.

Cost Effective
INJES can offer Employee Time Clock Door Access System to your company with affordable price. As a matter of fact, you just making a small investment in biometric employee time clocks for construction,and you’ll save money and time overall. This is because filling out conventional paper time cards isn’t a very accurate method.

Actual Overtime Controlling
With the help of employee time clock systems, you can control the event an employee enters over time actually. For overtime becomes important, especially when we want to meet a deadline or complete the project at hand so the next job can be started.

Nevertheless, controlling overtime is quite a problem as employees and managers often fail to track their hours. Most employee time recorders for construction will automatically alert you via email each time a worker go into overtime, so that you may take action.

High Accuracy
Fingerprint employee time clocks terminal for construction can capture employee’s actual job details and times. So the job cost information is really very accurate and can be easily transmitted from payroll system to your accounting system. Since these job costs are very accurate, you will be able to see how your jobs are forging ahead on labor budgets.

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