Biometrics Based Time and Attendance Terminals Becoming Increasingly Popular in Today’s Market

As way individuals work has been revolutionized, the way those work hours are recorded has lagged behind. Paper-based time cards and even outdated swipe card time and attendance systems leave too much room for mistakes – like system errors (when swipe cards are forgotten or paper time sheets are illegible) or even dishonesty. Such as buddy punching, salary over payments, and human error, there are too many possibility employees and companies can lose tracking of recorded time points and data. And only those who fill out their time sheets multiple times a day can say with confidence that their time sheet is somewhat or very accurate. Obvious, the accurate rate is rare.

Biometrics Based Time and Attendance Terminals

Different from traditional time and attendance systems, INJES Technology biometric time and attendance systems are more secure and there is no need to carry around any card, tags or remember any passwords . Biometrics Based Time and Attendance Terminals are becoming increasingly popular in today’s market because of their many benefits (and, let’s face it, fingerprint, vein,iris,palm,voice or Face Attendance System is just pretty awesome). Because Biometrics Based Time and Attendance Devices read a person’s unique fingerprint, iris, palm vein, or facial shape, they ensure that employees cannot clock in for one another, thereby preventing employee time theft and buddy punching.

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